Fred Holston, cooler than you. And you. You too.

The Coolest Kid In Town

So you've got the right sneakers. The sweet jacket. You wear sunglasses inside and rock a bad-ass asymmetrical hairdo. You think you're cool, don't you? Unless you're Fred Holston (who wouldn't be caught dead with an asymmetrical hairdo), you're wrong, wrong, wrong.

Fred is a 15-year-old wunderkind who spends his days at Woodrow Wilson High School and his nights hanging out in smelly, smoky bars with people who make music and art for a living. Look at the clock around 10:30 p.m. any night of the week and know that wherever Fred is, he's having a cooler time than you. The kid's been onstage with the Black Angels, he plays the sitar, and his band, the Felons, plays all over town.

Chauffeured hither and thither by his mustachioed lawyer dad, Fred's currently interning with Dallas photographer Hal Samples and will be displaying his own photos for the first time tonight at Samples' space (called Space.) Other featured artists are Carissa Byers, David Leeson, Josh Haller, Caroyln Collins, Steven Wallace, Erica Felicella and Krysta Sykes. But they're probably all old enough to vote or something. Laaaame.

Stop by Space, 2814 Main Street, from 6-10 p.m. tonight. --Andrea Grimes

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