The Council Will Indeed Vote on Expanded Smoking Ordinance Today

Sam's at City Hall, because he's clearly got nothing better to do, and reports in: The expanded smoking ordinance will not be delayed, per Tennell Atkins' motion. Instead, by a vote of 9-6, the council has decided to move forward with voting on the sucker today -- and Sam'll report back from City Hall the moment it goes down. Right now, those fer and against are speaking to the council, and this'll take a while -- so, really, a smoke break seems in order. Incidentally, Dwaine Caraway's proposal to ban single cigar sales has been delayed. More to come. --Robert Wilonsky

Update: For those not watching on the City Hall video feed, Sam sends word that the vote will pass pending a discussion of amendments, including the one concerning smoking with kids in the car.

Update to the Update: The expanded smoking ordinance has passed, 10-5! More to come from Mr. Merten, soon as he puts out his Kool. Sam's on his way back with a longer piece, but he does wanna note one thing: You have till April till the ban takes effect.

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