The Dallas Darlin' Can Be All Yours, At Last!

No idea how we missed this one, but a couple of weeks back, the Barbie Doll Collectors Convention came to town -- well, the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center, close enough. Far as I can tell, there was a fashion show during which growed-ups dressed like Barbie dolls; fine, truth be told, I took a disappointing third, for which I blame the German judge. But eBay's littered (by which I mean, there are eight) with a souvenir created specifically for the convention: the "Dallas Darlin'" Barbie, of which there were only 850 made. And my maw always told me there was just one...

It says here that "conventioneers had to select which variation they would like to receive, brunette/caucasian, blonde/caucasian or african american." Alas: "The Dallas Darlin' is the first Barbie to use the Twist-n-Turn face with rooted eyelashes!" For what it's worth, this African-American Darlin' is going for far more ($313 so far, with six bids) than some of her paler counterparts ($152.50, also with six bids). --Robert Wilonsky

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