The Dallas Zoo's "Rogue" Spider Monkey

Perhaps you've heard: A spider monkey got loose at the Dallas Zoo this morning. It's back in its cage now, say zoo officials, who didn't have to tranq or Jabari the monkey to get it back behind bars. But the zoo also can't get the monkey to stop tweeting.

Almost "as soon as the call went out," says Dallas Zoo spokesperson Susan Eckert, someone created today's must-follow: the amusing Dallas Zoo Monkey Twitter account, which is still very much on the loose. ("I'll keep on tweeting until they take my iPhone away!"). Zoo officials almost immediately sent word that the account was not affiliated with, you know, the zoo. (You've been warned, Red Cross.) So, why the heads-up?

Well, as Eckert tells Unfair Park in an early front-runner for Quote of the Year™, "We'd rather not have somebody speaking as our monkey." I read that back to her to make sure I'd typed that correctly. I could hear her shaking her head. "It's a rogue monkey," she said. "A rogue monkey."

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