The Deck Park Will Serve Booze, Getting the Lead out of Belo Garden and a New Tennis Pro Shop at Samuell-Grand

Still no news about that alleged concert at the Cotton Bowl, but I did learn the following from glancing at the Park and Rec meeting agenda for this week:

Park and Rec is in the process of executing concession contracts with the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation that will allow for the sale of alcohol on the deck park. For those who like to plan their drinking schedules more than two years ahead.

They're finally going to look for someone to enviromentally remediate the site upon which the city and Robert Decherd hope to plant Belo Garden. The city wants to break ground by May, but first it needs to find someone who can clean up the lead-contaminated soil.

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra will hold community concerts at Lee Park, Flagpole Hill, Kidd Springs Park, Campbell Green Park, Exall Park and the Dallas Arboretum. Those needing a proper schedule will find one on the DSO's site, with the Lee Park gig on Easter serving as the first installment in the 2010 Parks Concert Series.

Looks like Samuell-Grand's going to get a new tennis pro shop at the cost of $675,000.

The Trinity Standing Wave project just got $322,000 more expensive. "Additional gabion slope protection." Likely story.

And ... lesse ... CityArts's move to Fair Park is expected to bring in $70,738. And Parks and Recreation returns Thursday, which is good news.

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