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The Dish Ran Away With the...

Did you know Spoon was coming? Nope. Now you do. Rare show. Real rare. Like, very and stuff.

Blogs always get the skinny, don't they? In the comment thread on yesterday's Gorilla vs. Bear photo essay, an anonymous visitor asked, "Is anyone else going to Spoon's free show on the 10th at the Ridglea Theater?"

Wait, whoa. What?

So I hunted around on Google (and made a few calls to some anonymous tipsters) and confirmed that, yes, Austin's Spoon is performing at the Ridglea Theater on August 10. The opening band? Fort Worth's very own Black Tie Dynasty. The price? Free...but not quite. Camel is throwing the concert, confirmed by the limited run of invites that have begun to circulate around town, and you absolutely will not be allowed into the show without an invite, so don't bother lining up outside the venue if you're empty-handed. Camel's not advertising the show in the least, and I was unable to get any further information as to what the party is exactly about, so, uh, good luck finding an invite. --Sam Machkovech

Update: In this week's issue of the Dallas Observer--on page 75, to be specific--Camel's running an ad with directions on how to get tickets.

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