The Doctor is Way Out

Yesterday, the Texas Medical Board released an “agreed order” signed on April 11 by Dr. Richard Buch, the brilliant but nutty orthopedic surgeon who has a reputation for going off on nurses and cursing hospital personnel. He was, of course, the subject of the cover story in last week's paper version of Unfair Park. The result of confidential hearings, the agreed order provides more details about Buch’s behavior -- such as at least three reports of "disruptive behavior" said to have taken place at Medical City Dallas Hospital in 2003 "that included incidents of angry outbursts, derogatory remarks, exhibitions of temper, and the use of profanity"; and details concerning his behavior during a suspension from Medical City.

The board panel ordered that for two years, Buch must be evaluated by an independent psychiatrist, receive any care and treatment recommended and have the treating psychiatrist submit written reports every three months to the board. He’s also required to obtain 15 hours of continuing medical education (CME) in ethics and 15 hours of CME in physician-interpersonal relationships, and pay an administrative penalty of $5,000. Sometimes even the talented Dr. House needs a bit of discipline. --Glenna Whitley


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