The Dogs of War

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"Even if the animal is autopsied, [the parasite] wouldn't be picked up without a special test," he says.

"Here, have a bear claw," Chuck Milner says, talking to Glamour and Glitz--GG for short--Breezy's champion granddaughter, who racked up the requisite 15 points in just over a year--quite a feat in the world of hounds. She is one of 10 Afghans Milner owns today.

"Look at how dainty she is," Milner says, while GG nibbles at the pastry.
He talks solemnly about the plans he'd had for Breezy and Lana. Each dog had the capability to produce litters of six to 10 puppies--with each puppy fetching a price of $500 to $1,000, according to court records. Breezy had already produced three litters for Milner, but he was hoping to mate her with a particular male dog--his version of Mr. Right among Afghans.

"He would have complemented her so well," Milner says. "She had such a gorgeous head. I'm still grieving. [Merlo] has destroyed our friendship and my plans to continue that bloodline."

Breezy was two points shy of becoming a champion, and Lana was five points away. Milner planned to breed them both. Lana hadn't been bred yet, but Milner had already picked out a name--Lancome--for one of her offspring.

He dares not use the name today. "It would be too bittersweet," he says.

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