The End's Finally Here for The New Year's New Old Video

A treat for the weekend readers of Unfair Park: the latest video from Los Bros Kadane's The New Year. Only, yes, it's for an old New Year song: "The End's Not Near," off 2004's The End is Near -- or, ya know, that song for which an episode of The O.C. was named. It appeared yesterday, because, turns out, the clip got hung up while co-directors Keven McAlester (an old friend and director of the Roky Erickson doc You're Gonna Miss Me) and Lee Daniel (frequent Richard Linklater cinematographer) slogged through some snags. But, finally, here 'tis.

A prettier version's available on Kev's Standard Pictures' site -- along with his earlier New Year, Old 97's, Vashti Bunyan, Rhett Miller and Spoon videos and an excerpt from You're Gonna Miss Me. (And, yes, most were edited by the Toadies' Emmy-nominated guitarist.) McAlester and Daniel, speaking of, are in the midst of finishing a doc about gamers (it's tentatively titled The Dungeon Masters); while Matt and Bubba Kadane and the rest of the New Year revelers are releasing their their jam on September 9 on Touch and Go, preceded by a tour that includes a pit stop at the Granada Theater on June 28 with Centro-matic and The Theater Fire. --Robert Wilonsky


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