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The Found Footage Fest Returns, With Tips for Finding Choice Old VHS Tapes in the DFW

When we last spoke with Nick Prueher of the Found Footage Festival, he and fellow comedian-rummager Joe Pickett were gearing up for their first-ever visit to Dallas with their show, a live presentation of confounding 20-year-old workout videos, public access shows and ill-advised celebrity advice tapes.

Some scars from that first show are never going to heal (thanks, bath-tub scene from Angela Lansbury's workout video), but Pickett and Prueher return to the Lakewood Theater with a new show tonight, morbid curiosity will have me crawling right back.

Yesterday Prueher told Unfair Park the new show includes highlights from VHS-finding missions during that tour back in May, including the surefire party hit Pornography: Every Man's Battle, plucked right off the shelf of the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store at Northwest Highway and Webb Chapel Road.

More of Prueher's advice on thrifting for vintage weirdness, and on what to expect from tonight's 8 p.m. show -- and the greatest Dallas-based find of all -- after the jump.

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