The Giving Tree, Made of Oakley

Clearly, I am in denial over the sad fact that Your 2007 Dallas Mayors Race is over. What, exactly, will I write about on Unfair Park now? As I try to figure that out, let me share with you what's clearly my proudest moment yet: my first poem, consisting entirely of the wit and wisdom Ed Oakley shared during his sojourns along the campaign trail. I call it "The Insider," and it is after the jump. --Matt Pulle

The Insider

I’ve talked about being an insider. You know, I came out of a neighborhood. I understand how it works, so call it what you will. I call it experience. Are we perfect? No.

Are we going in the right direction? Let me just ask you Hypothetically If you were to go through this process And the process and the staff And the staff Would allow you to have your area That you have there today In perpetuity.

I am considered now an insider Which is news to me Because I was ever considered Only what I considered A person who has experience I know exactly where to start I just know it.

Give me the test I know it all.

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