The Good Guys Already Good-er: Gary Cole!

Last month we took a long, hard look at FOX's The Good Guys, with Friend of Unfair Park Howard Wen offering a few suggestions how Matt Nix might improve the hour-long set-here-shot-here cop comedy starring Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks. It returns a week from Friday in its new time slot -- hence, the fall sneak peek at top featuring that Observer box gettin' adiosed -- and it sounds like Nix has indeed retooled the series a wee bit: As he tells Entertainment Weekly in its new fall-teevee roundup, "What we've found is we've been most excited about the episodes that have really focused on the interactions between the characters rather than the big cases."

Danny "Machete" Trejo and Ed Begley Jr. (as Hanks's dad, I do believe) are set to guest upon the show's return; elsewhere, there are reports of a new female character being added to the cast; and EW sends word that Nix has indeed cast the oft-mentioned Frank, Whitford's former partner -- and, why, it's none other than Bill Lumbergh hisself. That's grrrrreat.

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