"The Greatest Regular Season Win in Mavericks History"? Let's Go to the Tape.

Found this VHS remnant from the Dallas Mavericks' 1985-'86 season at Half Price Books over the weekend -- for the low, low price of $3.98. Fortuitous timing, to say the least, as tonight at 8:30, Your Dallas Mavericks play the Eastern Conference-leading Boston Celtics at the American Airlines Center. Dallas was 33-30 going into that March 10, 1986 game; Boston, 50-12. Dallas was playing without an injured Derek Harper and down 104-91 with fewer than six minutes left to play. The more things change ...

A few of us just spent the last few minutes reliving that magical night (ahem, I was there, ahem), when Larry Bird scored 50 and still rolled out of Reunion with the loss. Man, quite the soundtrack on this gem: a lotta Norm Hitzges and Allen Stone, a little Billy Ocean and Lee Ritenour. Think Home Sports Entertainment would mind if I put this on YouTube? Oh, right. The back of the tape's case, including that night's box score and other choice factlets, is after the jump. Someone tell Rick Carlisle he's more than welcome to borrow this as a pre-game pick-me-up. But I do need it back.

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Robert Wilonsky
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