'The Green Reefer' Comes to D-Town

Some of you, when told about a locally produced Web comic called The Green Reefer, billed by its creator as Cheech and Chong meet The Tick, will roll your eyes and say, "Stupid stoner-boy humor." You people are called adults.

Others have a finer appreciation of the artistry behind the comic, created by local freelance illustrator Josh Boulet. Its hot, large-breasted lesbians making out, beer-hat-wearing sidekick Six-Pack and heavy-handed weed humor, all set in the mythical D-Town, will prompt you to rub your eyes and say, "What we're we talking about again? Oh, that. Cool." You people are called our friends and in-laws.

Hey, we may not know what's art, but we know what we like.

Boulet tells Unfair Park that he's been doing the strip about a year because he wants to "contribute to developing Dallas as a scene." (Quick, someone call the convention and visitors office.)

"I guess I'd really love to get Dallas into the mix," The Colony High grad says. "It's all about the love."

And, uh, would that love happen to include, you know...?

"Just a little bit. I'm not going to lie to you."

Not to be cynical or anything, but we suspect he may be shrinking the truth just a little bit. --Patrick Williams

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