The Inefficient Dallas Municipal Courts System Is Now More Inefficient Than Ever!

With all the talk this week of the Dallas Municipal Court system's inefficiency, one can't help but giggle just a wee bit at this "service alert" just sent out by Frank Librio at Dallas City Hall:

The Municipal Building located at 2014 Main Street is closed today because the air conditioning unit is not operating at this time. The cases of all Defendants who have appearances at 1:30 pm today will be automatically reset, and those Defendants do not have to come to Court today.

If you feel the need to comment, you're welcome to do so, of course -- as always. But, please, try not to mention the convention center hotel. It's been tried.

Update: Librio's explanation and all-clear is after the jump, only because it's awfully long. A must-read for you bond-money fanatics.


From: City of Dallas Public Information Office
Re: Municipal Building

The AC cooling tower's motor located at 106 S. Harwood failed early this morning. A crane has been brought in to assist workers with the installation of a new motor. Repairs are expected to be completed today. The Municipal Buildings (106 S. Harwood & 2014 Main St.) are expected to be open normal hours tomorrow.

Defendants who had cases today will be notified of their new court dates via mail. All cases will be rescheduled - NOT dismissed as a result of this incident. Approximately 150 defendants had cases scheduled during this time period.

Both buildings are scheduled for overall repairs/upgrades as part of City of Dallas bond programs.

2014 Main Street:
* Will receive interior and mechanical system upgrades
* Design is underway and will be completed by August 2009
* Construction is scheduled to begin in January 2010 and expected to be completed by December 2010.

106 S. Harwood:
* Will receive exterior upgrades
* Design is underway and will be completed by October 2009 (façade of building)
* Construction is scheduled to begin in March 2010 and expected to be completed by December 2010 (façade of building)
* This is the building the UNT Law School will move in to and UNT will be responsible for interior upgrades

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