The Iron Claw, Not for Sale

If you looked very, very hard in today's Dallas Morning News, you may have come across this ad in the classifieds:


The Von Erichs

Dallas Wrestling Dynasty

4918 SWISS AVE M-46B Munger/Fitzghugh! Fri-Sat October 6 & 7 9-5 Doris Von Erich, wife of Frtiz Von Erich, mother of Kevin, David Kerry, Mike & Chris Von Erich is moving to Hawaii. She is leaving Dallas behind with only her car & clothes! Antiques, Collectibles, Furniture, China, Crystal silver BR suits, DR suit, Garden, Kitchen Garage & Years of memories Photos @ www.janellestone.com

Surely, you need no re-introduction to the Von Erichs; closest thing Dallas had to royalty since, oh, the Ewings, maybe? Tales of the family's many tragedies are legion; nine years ago we recounted them in some detail.

According to Janelle Stone, who is handling the sale, 73-year-old Doris Von Erich, who divorced Fritz five years before he died in 1997, moved into the 1917 mansion around 2000 after restoring the huge Victorian home, and in February she's off to Hawaii. Stone's Web site previews the sale, but don't count on much memorabilia. The family had a change of heart and picked up the more personal items (pictures, letters, etc.) only last night, leaving behind more typical sale stuff such as furniture, antiques, silverware. But there are some items of a more personal nature. Stone says you just have to look a little harder. She did clue me in that there were some bibles with inscriptions. So if that's your thing, then get there early. --Rich Lopez

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.