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The Karl Rove Presidential Library?

A Friend of Unfair Park sends word that The Bush Library Blog has become quite the popular destination of late -- particularly today, as it cracks WordPress' Blogs of the Day, landing at the No. 16 spot. It probably scores that ranking today because of a weekend posting in which it was written that none other than Karl Rove's been out and about scouting other presidential libraries and research facilities in order to prep the SMU folks for what, exactly, George W. will need when the time comes. Says here that Rove's been:

"...scoping out research facilities, taking a look at how institutions try to set themselves up to house both archival records open to a wide range of researchers and provide a productive working environment for fellows... Rove is personally going around to these libraries, meeting with their directors and checking out their facilities. According to one colleague, he seems to know exactly what the square footage of the building will be and where it will be located on campus."

How's this for interesting timing: Matthew Wilson, a political science professor at SMU, today is quoted on the right-wing Web site NewsMax, where he dismisses the very theory that "Karl Rove will be the head of the institute, or that it will be some sort of right-wing radical fringe institute. What we've been told is that it will be dedicated to studying issues and policy goals of interest to his administration." In other words, Karl Rove will be the head of the institute. --Robert Wilonsky

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