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The Kindness of Strangers

Angel post-surgery, because we're not about to show you the before pictures.
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Late yesterday, we received word from Operation Kindness that Angel, a 9-pound spaniel-terrier mix in a protective E-collar, was discovered by a Garland couple (Diane and David Leslie) last Friday as she was trying to cross the intersection of Belmont and McMillan avenues in East Dallas. Her injuries were detailed in an official press release from Jonnie England of Operation Kindness, where Angel was taken for treatment. In short, the release says Angel "appears to have had wire wrapped around [her] muzzle" for at least six weeks, and that it had been done intentionally.

As of the time of the release yesterday, the reward for information related to Angel's abuse was $2,500. Today, after local citizens and businesses came forth with donations, the reward is now up to $6,000. England tells Unfair Park about the new sum, "Unfortunately, that's what it's probably going to take to get information: money." England added that she hopes the E-collar was a sign that someone had taken Angel to another vet to begin treatment after they had discovered her abuse wounds, and that, most likely, she had escaped. The Dallas County District Attorney's Office has been notified, however, and prosecutors will likely treat this as an animal-cruelty case if law-enforcement officials find the person or persons responsible.

If anyone has information regarding a small dog with a wounded muzzle in that neighborhood, please contact Dallas Animal Services at 214-671-0105 or Operation Kindness at 972-418-PAWS (7297), ext. 226. The full press release is after the jump. --Merritt Martin


Found Dog Had Evidence of Wire Wrapped Around Its Muzzle for 6 Weeks

A $2,500 reward is being offered by Operation Kindness in the apparent animal cruelty case involving a small dog that appears to have had wire wrapped around its muzzle for more than a month.

The 9-pound dog, which has been named Angel, was found Friday, March 23, in the intersection of Belmont and McMillan in East Dallas. She was wearing a plastic "E-collar," which is normally put on an animal's head to keep it from pawing an incision or wound.

The dog was rescued by Diane and David Leslie of Garland, who saw her attempting to cross the street. They took her to Operation Kindness, where the deep wounds around her muzzle were noticed.

Operation Kindness immediately took the 3-year-old spaniel-terrier mix to a veterinarian for treatment. According to Dr. Paul Keating of Trinity Pet Hospital in Carrollton, it appeared that wire had been wrapped around the dog's muzzle for about 6 weeks and had been removed 3 weeks before she was found and taken to Operation Kindness.

"The wounds left by the wire completely encircled Angel's muzzle and were so deep that her teeth were exposed on the side," said Jonnie England, executive director of Operation Kindness. "The wire must have allowed her to eat, but each time she moved her jaw, it cut even deeper into her skin."

Dr. Keating did reconstructive mouth surgery on March 29. "Angel has had some minor complications following the surgery, but is now recovering at Operation Kindness," said England.

The $2,500 reward being offered by Operation Kindness is for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for wrapping the wire around the dog's muzzle. The case has been reported to Dallas Animal Services and the Dallas County District Attorney's Office, and is being investigated as animal cruelty.

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