The Lakewood Landing: A "Best Bar," Like You Didn't Already Know That

The June issue of Esquire contains its annual rundown of the Best Bars in America -- and it probably comes as no surprise to D's Adam McGill that the Lakewood Landing makes the list. But that's only because Adam wrote the item, which goes a little something like this: "The place breathes history but with a hacker's cough. It's dark and smoky, even when it's light out and no one's lit up." Read the rest in coming days, preferably with a smoldering Red dangling from your lips, which, I guarantee, is not how Adam wrote it. Also note: We've already given the joint, what, eight Best of Dallas awards? And, of course, this in no way means the Inwood Lounge isn't still one of "the most inviting [bars] in the city." Though it's not the same without Harry behind the bar. --Robert Wilonsky

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