The crew at the first Pig Stand, built in 1921 on the highway between Dallas and Fort Worth

The Lost Dallas Doc About...Carhops?

During a little late-night GooTube browsing I stumbled across a documentary called Carhops, which was filmed here in the early 1970s. It was posted only yesterday by its maker, Don Pasquella. (Who, I assume, is the very same experimental filmmaking Don Pasquella who was an influence on Course of Empire, more or less.) And here it is on Unfair Park, because it's just about the best documentary I've seen, well, all morning -- and certainly the best one ever made at Keller's Drive-In on Northwest Highway.

Part One is below, and it features two important figures in the local drive-in biz: the son of J.G. Kirby (who, in 1921, opened the Pig Stand on the old Dallas-Fort Worth Highway) and J.D. Sivils, who had a drive-in at the intersection of Fort Worth Avenue and Westmoreland Road and was, from all accounts, one of the first to hire (surprisingly young and shockingly scantily clad) women to bring food out to the cars. Also in there, of course: Jack Keller. Part Two's available after the jump. --Robert Wilonsky

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