The Man With the Latest Downtown Plan Says We're "A City of Districts" In Need of "Unity"

Daniel Iacofano -- the "I" in MIG, Inc., which the city hired to develop the latest downtown master plan -- was at the Dallas Convention Center a couple of weeks ago collecting wish-list items from stakeholders and civilians; more than a few Friends of Unfair Park have offered suggestions since then, for which he's grateful. But, of course, there's much to be done: Downtown Dallas 360, which joins Dallas Central Business District and Visions for Dallas and Dallas Downtown Plan and myriad other studies and suggestions done since the early 1960s, won't be turned in till June 2010. And until that due date, Iacofano and his team of urban planners, architects and economists will be in and out of town meeting with downtowners; their next visit is in a matter of days, matter of fact.

Iacofano spoke with Unfair Park a few days ago to discuss the plan's progress -- and, more to the point, what he's learned about the city during his travels to and fro in recent weeks, and how that intel gathering will impact the plan he'll present to City Hall next summer. And so a Q&A with Iacofano follows. Jump for it, but mind you don't knock over the stack of binders.

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Robert Wilonsky
Contact: Robert Wilonsky