The Mayor's Moolah

Already the suggestions for what Mayor Laura could do with her leftover hundred thou are coming in. To wit:

"Her Honor could buy the architectural models of the Calatrava bridges, which I understand cost quite a bit, and use them for her kids' play and school projects. Imagine a science fair showing flooding along the Trinity, complete with little whirlpools for extra credit. Then the next kid could use them for a Sims sort of project for urban planning, complete with arrows and dollar signs showing which way the people and the money flow (north, I guess)."

"1. Set it up as a trust fund to repair pot holes on the Calatrava Bridge.

2. Give it to Zac Crain or any other former Observer writer candidates.

3. Give it to the For the Love of the Lake (my vote)."

I love the Friends of Unfair Park. Keep 'em coming. Oh, and we will get to Darrell Jordan's campaign finance report, but likely first thing in the a.m. I am exhausted from trying to figure out how much white guys are giving other white guys, and how much those white guys gave to George Dubya in 2004 and long before. And Jordan, who has raised twice as much ($201,000) as Griffith ($103,617), has an enormous list of contributors to plow through. I will say this: In The Battle of Former Dallas Mayors, it's Jordan 1, Griffith 1. Starke Taylor gave Jordan $500. In the Battle of Potential Dallas Mayors, it's a draw, with TXU honcho Earl Nye, himself rumored to be a candidate for the gig Mayor Laura doesn't want, donating $1,000 to both men. That's called covering your bets--or, as Schutze puts it, "covering your ass." --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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