The Minutemen

The Minutemen

Payback is coming: I can honestly appreciate what Clark Kirby is trying to do for his country ("The Hunted," by Megan Feldman, December 14). After all, everyone needs something in their lives to make them feel significant. However, this small hobby of his is distracting from the real issue; it is not the brown man taking jobs from the black and white man, it is the fear that Amerikkka has in their hearts of colored people with power. Face it, Kirby, there are too many of us for you to stop. Focus your attention on immigration policies that your government has in place for my Mexican brothers and sisters. One day you, too, will experience the racism that you practice so effortlessly. We will all be there to see you struggle and fight for your life. Unlike you, we will be there waiting with outstretched hands to help you up because we know what it feels like to be at the bottom. See you soon.

Cuauhtémoc Zarazúa II


Illegal by any name: Since The Dallas Morning News prints gobs of oozing, throbbing stories about illegal immigrants, it was disappointing to read Megan Feldman's echo, "The Hunted," in the Observer. Instead of investigating medical, educational and legal costs her illegal "victims" shoved onto the taxpayers, she mocked the mean old Minutemen who monitored the Garland Day Labor Center.

Being a native Garlandite who lives near that center, I recall that it was initially touted to centralize congregations of laborers, many presumably illegal, who had disrupted and defaced numerous shopping areas around Garland for years. Had she not fixated on the "rights" of indignant lawbreakers, Ms. Feldman might have documented these problems through police reports. The troubles weren't caused by those pesky Minutemen.

As the article suggested, I have already contacted officials who make and enforce laws broken by the illegals but noticed little solid response. The Minutemen were so impressive that I have sent them a note of thanks as well as a cash donation. And in the spirit of the season I would also be delighted to send our illegals to Ms. Feldman's neighborhood so that she can demonstrate by personal example just how they should be treated.

Michael R. Hayslip


To my fellow migrants: Dear Minutemen,

Don't you have anything better to do than make things more difficult for migrants trying to earn an honest living? Has it occurred to you that day laborers who wake up at the crack of dawn every day to find work aren't the ones committing crime?

I have to laugh a little bit whenever I see my fellow white-skins trying to act like America is their ancestral home. It's almost like they've forgotten how our predecessors migrated here in droves and then slaughtered the Native Americans and stole their land.

James Kelleher


The original illegals: If you go back in history, you'll find that at one time in Texas the "Anglos" were the illegal aliens and the lawbreakers.

Back then Spain was the government in charge, and then came Mexico. The white Anglo illegal aliens came streaming across the border stealing the land and all the cattle they could get their thieving hands on.

If you read Texas history you will find that my ancestors settled in the Rio Grande Valley around 1749—certainly before the ancestors of those Minutemen had arrived in Texas. Yet today if I were to stand at one of those day-hire sites, I am sure they would take my picture and believe me to be a non-citizen just because of my skin color.

Perhaps I should feel sorry for those so-called Minutemen. They are racists in denial, and that's an illness that only they themselves can cure. How do I know they are racists? Because if those people coming across the border today were white and blond, they wouldn't be stalking and harassing them.

Dom Longoria

Sacramento, California

Ignorant: It is a shame to read the ignorant comments of the people in your story who compare the Minuteman group to the KKK. The last time I checked, people illegally living in this country have no rights. It also saddens me to read your obvious bias toward illegal immigrants.

Where is your story on people like me—a U.S. citizen who has been denied my right to be with my foreign fiancé because we are following the law and filing the appropriate paperwork to bring him to this country legally? By the time our paperwork is approved, it will have been more than a year that we have had to be separated. Or where is your story on my Chinese friend, who has been living and working in this country for more than five years, and who has spent thousands of dollars in legal fees to become a legal citizen and will spend thousands more before he will be allowed to become a U.S. citizen?

Illegal immigrants and people who support them make mine and my foreign friend's efforts to follow the law seem futile and ridiculous. Thanks to people like the Minuteman group for doing the job that the federal government refuses to do—protect the CITIZENS of this country.

Lori Jenkins


Poor pitiful: Why don't you stop this poor, pitiful illegal alien business? If you want to see poor pitiful, look at seniors that paid taxes all their lives and now have to choose food or electricity, or any middle-class child that is forced into schools with kids who know nothing about being civilized...Is there some part of "illegal" that you just don't get? If our government doesn't enforce our laws, will we be any different from Mexico, where the rich are superior to all others and get anything they want to the detriment of others? Having a lawful society has worked well for the U.S.A. for centuries. Why do you advocate turning our country into a Third World cesspool? Attrition through strict local, state and federal enforcement—NOW.

Nancy Lorello

North Richland Hills

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