The Myth of Rhett Miller's Mythologies

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Rhett Miller's solo debut Mythologies, which I've still got somewhere -- it hides in a closet, no doubt in youthful shame. Doubt there'll be a double-disc deluxe reissue; oh, not if I can help it. Though, rather unbelievably, someone's selling their autographed and numbered copy of the disc on eBay in order to pay the mortgage. So, Old 97's fetishists, act now -- only a thousand copies of the album were made available (though I seem to recall cassettes?), and seldom do they show up at virtual auction.

But, thankfully or otherwise, Star Maker Machine has posted this week two tracks from the elusive Carpe Diem Records release produced by Murry Hammond and featuring late Dallas Observer music editor Alex Magocsi: opener "Iron Child" and "Candy Apple Corkscrew Hair," both of which are so ... so ... adorable, if only because Rhett used to sing in British accent for no apparent reason. If you're still interested, you might be able to find the whole disc here; alas, Rhett refuses to acknowledge its existence. Oh, and Pete's got two cable-access videos from '87 featuring a young Stewart Ransom Miller II -- along with Paul Quigg and Liza Richardson. Ah, Liza.

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