Lisa Loeb's sister Ashlee...no, sorry, Debbie

The New Ashlee Simpson

Were you aware Lisa Loeb had a sister? And that she's got a...uh...hit single that's apparently doing well on dance radio? Me, neither--which is odd, since I've known Lisa since we were kids and since her dad Pete is my mom's gastroenterologist. (Hey, I think I just found the title of my first book.) I even know all about

Benjamin Loeb

, Lisa's brother, who's a conductor and pianist living in El Paso. Maybe you have seen

Debbie Loeb

on Lisa's E! show

#1 Single

or her MTV show

The Debbie Loeb Show



?); if not, we've attached what must be one of the worst publicity stills ever taken for anything ever. And here's the single, "


," which is what I feel like doing whenever I hear it--getting far away from whatever is broadcasting this generic dancefloor ditty that, swear, must be 10 years outta date. And there's this note from the press release touting its ascension up the dance-radio charts:

"In addition to her role on her sister Lisa's unscripted E! networks show #1 Single, Loeb has previously recorded "International Man of Mystery" on Jive Dance Party Hits (Zomba Recording Corp.), produced by Jack Elliot, in promotion of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and has also worked with The Bayside Boys (of "Macarena" fame). Her music career unofficially began in Hanoi, Vietnam, singing her rendition of West Side Story's "I Want to Live in America" while promoting a film in which she appeared as herself (again)."

I'd swear this was all some big Simpson-style prank if it weren't for the fact Lisa touts her sister on her official Web site. Guess I'd know these things if I watched #1 Single. But no way in hell that ever happens, even if this is all they ever aired. --Robert Wilonsky

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