From the Home Office in Dallas, Texas

The Observer is Comprised of Players. Who Knew?

You can't call us losers anymore. At least to our faces.

A wise man – no, come to think of it, it was this a-hole – once said that “those who can’t play, write.”

At your friendly lil’ Dallas Observer, thank you very much, we can do both.

After years – centuries? – as so much prop humor, our co-ed softball team just finished its season 5-4, losing in the semifinals of the city’s media league post-season tournament to Telerep. From what I could dig up, it’s the Observer’s first winning season since Schutze filed his stories via Pony Express. Props to players like Drew Ramsauer, Cortnee Robinson, Molly Peterson, Brandon Phillips, Leslie Winchell and even our publisher, Adam Simon.

If you bump into these peeps this week buy them a celebratory ale. We are the Tampa Bay Rays no more.

And while those guys were having success on the diamond, I was in North Dallas this weekend helping my Lifetime Fitness tennis team advance to next week’s City Championships. Not to toot my own tennis horn too loudly, but that’s 6-0 without dropping a set this season.

Be afraid, you two. Be very afraid. -- Richie Whitt

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Richie Whitt
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