The Observer Stands With George P. Bush: Comic Sans Font Should Be Banned

In what we've been assured is not an April Fools' prank (but is probably still an April Fools' prank), the Texas General Land Office, under the leadership of Commissioner George P. Bush announced Wednesday that it is banning the use of the Comic Sans -- the favorite font of your favorite email-forwarding aunt -- in all agency documents and correspondence.

"The only joke here is Comic Sans, it's completely unacceptable for state business," Chris Elam, publications director of the General Land Office, said.

In a press release announcing the ban, the land office said that your favorite email-forwarding aunt's favorite font is appropriate for early childhood education in Texas schools, but "has no place at an agency positioning itself as a technological pioneer."

"Current agencywide substitute font recommendations are Helvetica, Times New Roman, or even Arial," Elam said. "Any of the standard ones really. Except Papyrus. It's terribad."

Given that Comic Sans is a terrible font used by terrible people, Bush and his office aren't exactly going out on a limb. Nevertheless, Unfair Park applauds his efforts.

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