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The O.C. Hearts The New Year

Matt Kadane, left, and Bubba Kadane have a very special connection with The O.C....Oh, what's that you say? My bad.

Me, not so much a fan of The O.C., which apparently has but two episodes left before it walks into the Pacific and drowns itself. So, turns out I missed the fact that all these years, a show set in California had a decidedly Dallas connection: the band The New Year, featuring brothers Bubba and Matt Kadane (and, on album and tours, Gentleman Scholar Peter Schmidt).

Turns out, about two years back the show used a New Year song, "The End's Not Near" from the brilliant 2004 album The End is Near. (It aired during the November 11, 2004, episode "The Way We Were," if you really need to know.) Then, last year the song popped up again on another O.C. episode, only this time it was performed -- which is to say, ruined -- by indie-alt-MP3-blog sensations Band of Horses, whose whiny version showed up on The O.C. Mix 6: Covering Our Tracks soundtrack, released in December.

But here's the real kicker: When the final episode of The O.C. airs on February 22 on Fox, it will do so owing a huge debt to The New Year. Why come? Because the title of the final episode is "The End's Not Near, It's Here," which is the first line of the Kadane Bros' song. If you ever run into Bubba, ask him how much he gets paid for that. --Robert Wilonsky

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