The Odious Associates and Dubious Swords in City Hall Corruption Case

On Wednesday, less than a week after breaking bits and pieces of the City Hall corruption trial into smaller bites, U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn issued another ruling concerning how the government will try its case (or, rather, cases) against the likes of former Mayor Pro Tem Don Hill, developer Brian Potashnik and wife Cheryl (pictured at right) and state Rep. Terri Hodge. Lynn explains how the trials will be divvied up and why, and in doing so denies the Potashniks' request to be tried separately.

I've made available after the jump the entire 56-page document, which was published yesterday. It's an interesting, illuminating read for those in need of a catch-up on the case that's lingered since forever and may not go to trial as scheduled in January. --Robert Wilonsky

Lynn December 17 Ruling

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