The Other Red River Shootout

Those who haven't been following the latest iteration of the Texas-Oklahoma rivalry will find a good primer here this morning, three days after Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson asked a federal judge to toss the Tarrant Regional Water District's 2-year-old lawsuit concerning Texas's alleged right to buy water from Oklahoma. The short version: North Texas wants to be able to buy some 150 million gallons of waters that flows from the Cache Creek, Beaver Creek and the Kiamichi River into the Red River; some Oklahoma legislators ain't having it. Why not? Ask State Sen. Jerry Ellis, a Democrat who looks down at North Texas and sees nothing but waste, waste, waste: "They're watering the concrete down there is what they're doing. They're making no attempt to conserve in my opinion." Pssst, Tom Hicks, I think he's talking to you.


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