The Perfect (Rocket) Summer Single

OK, so maybe we aren’t looking forward to all the “The Rocket Summer Blasts Off” headlines that are no doubt being typeset as we speak, but we must admit we’re impressed with the early success of Fort Worth’s Bryce Avary, 24, who goes by the moniker The Rocket Summer. After all, we've known Bryce since he was a 17-year-old junior at Grapevine High School who tooled around Colleyville in his '72 Camaro.

Avary’s Island Records debut Do You Feel comes out on July 17, the same day he takes the stage at the Granada. Do You Feel is Avary’s first major label CD (his third overall), and with the big-time support he’s hit the Medium Time: His video for “Break It Out” has started its rotation on MTV2, and his earlier self-titled EP is No. 30 on the iTunes download chart.

Just in time for summer, here’s the album’s shiny first single, “So Much Love.” Wow, Do You Feel and “So Much Love” -- we get it, kid’s a little…happy. Think a less depressed Ben Folds meets a more butch Scissor Sisters, and you’re on the right track. --Jonanna Widner

Bonus MP3:

The Rocket Summer,

"So Much Love"

(from the forthcoming album Do You Feel)

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