"The Perfect Sergeant" is Now a Constable

Meet the new boss, Jaime Cortes, who's not nearly the same as the old boss. Not even close.

Every now and then, taking the high road pays off. Jaime Cortes, who twice ran and lost against The Constable Formerly Known as Mike Dupree while never responding to the incumbent’s personal and baseless attacks, has been appointed to replace the disgraced Dupree. As you now doubt recall, having read it here first, Dupree abruptly resigned on June 28 after he -- one more time now -- deported his Honduran lover, sexually harassed his Latino employees, failed to serve warrants, fixed tickets for friends and ordered his subordinates to plant drugs in the cars of Cortes and his other political opponents. Needless to say, Cortes doesn’t exactly have big shoes to fill.

But for what it’s worth, everyone seems to like Cortes -- particularly his now-former boss, Constable Derrick Evans. "I'd hate to lose him, but I don't want to hold him back," Evans said last year, in the middle of the second Cortes-Dupree race. "He's been an asset to the department. I don't know what else to say other than he's been the perfect sergeant." --Matt Pulle

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Robert Wilonsky
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