The Plane Truth

So here I was, face-to-face with the man who claims to be one of the biggest evangelists in the world, Dr. K.A. Paul. A native of India, what Paul lacks in height he more than makes up for with charisma.

A photographer and I met him at his humble offices in a Houston suburb. I was writing a story about the financial problems surrounding his ministry and his beloved private 747—a story you'll find on the cover of this week's Dallas Observer. He used his plane to meet with infamous folks such as ex-Liberian dictator Charles Taylor and ex-alive dictator Slobodan Milosevic. He had just returned from Nigeria the night before, and although he was running on little sleep, he agreed to meet with us and tell us about how Condi Rice had it in for him.

For two hours, Paul talked about his experiences with Taylor and with Haitian rebel Guy Phillipe. He said he met one-on-one with the much-feared Phillipe in a hotel room, where he told the fearsome warrior to remove his military garb and walk the streets unarmed, in Nikes. This was some good shit.

He knew I was talking to his enemies--enemies of truth, and of Christ. He knew their allegations, and he said he had nothing to hide. He told me to investigate away, and he'd answer any questions I came up with. That was our last cordial conversation. It turned out he didn't like my questions at all. This is how our last conversation went:

"You write that story, boy, you write that story and you wait for the response...Benny Hinns and T.D. Jakes are becoming millionaires and billionaires, and you're now talking to a village preacher, broke completely, can't even pay his own salaries anymore, and doesn't own a $100 property anywhere in the world..."

At which point we had to ask him, "You don't own a $100 property anywhere in the world, but you own a freaking 747?"

"No, I don't own freaking 747, you idiot. I don't own!"

"Who owns it?"

"It is the organization owns it, you chicken!"

You can read the rest about Dr. K.A. Paul--and his wealthy backers, several of whom are from Dallas, such as Nelson Bunker Hunt--in "On a Wing and a Prayer." What are you waiting for? --Craig Malisow

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