The Polyphonic Spree, In Eight Minutes

It takes me, oh, a good eight minutes to listen to most full-length albums anyway, so this works out incredibly well: The Polyphonic Spree has taken the entirety of its forthcoming The Fragile Army, which will be out June 19 on TVT Records, and shmushed it down to a single eight-minute-15-second-long track that's making the Interweb rounds. It's a nifty promotional device, no doubt: Not only does it make you wanna hear the thing -- sounds like a bigger, bolder version of its predecessors -- but it's also incredibly charming, as you can hear Tim DeLaughter toward the end selling his new CD like some kiddie-show host working the used-car lot: "See ya later. Hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to look out for The Fragile Army, the new album from The Polyphonic Spree coming early summer 2007. We'll see ya at a town near you. So long." --Robert Wilonsky


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