The Queens' Bishop

Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, right, waves adios to all the folks leaving the Episcopal Church because of her.

On November 4, Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori will become the world's first woman primate in the Anglican Communion. When Schori was elected presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church earlier this year, conservatives threatened to leave the church altogether because of Schori's support of gay relationships. Since then, some have--most notably Christ Church in Plano, which had the largest active Sunday congregation of any Episcopal Church in the nation.

The ceremony in which Schori becomes primate (the Anglican equivalent of an arch bishop) is mostly a formality; she effectively became a primate when she was elected presiding bishop in the United States. But for many, it will be the last straw: Seven of the 100 or so American dioceses have indicated they may leave the Anglican Communion after November 4, although Jeanie Brookes, a spokesperson for the Dallas Diocese, says it's not a foregone conclusion that any American diocese will break away. As for the Dallas Diocese, Bishop James Stanton has said it will remain a part of the Episcopal Church, although he has not ruled out the possibility that the diocese could dissociate itself from the Episcopal Church in the future. --Jesse Hyde

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