The Ready for Prime Time Players

This morning, Danielle McClelland in the Dallas City Hall Public Information Office posted to YouTube updates from District 4 and District 7, courtesy Dallas Delivers on Time Warner Cable Channel 16. Hosted by Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway and Carolyn Davis respectively, they're the very definition of edutainment -- or irritainment, judging by the look on Southeast Division Deputy Chief Patricia Paulhill's face after Davis asks her for a phone number folks can call in case they need to report criminal activity.

Davis's guests also include City Manager Mary Suhm, Central Dallas Ministries' Larry James and Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle -- so star-studded it's like an anniversary show! Meanwhile, Caraway hosts a televised teen summit -- because, look, "young people are our future," especially after they pull up their pants. Funny (fine -- the most adorable) thing about Caraway's video: He can't and won't pronounce anyone's last names. "When I was coming up, we was just Bessie or Jesse or Joe or Leo," he says, but "y'all got all these names." Jump for the four videos -- all of which are still better than anything Jimmy Fallon's yet to put on NBC.

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