Is this Phil Haberman's real military ID or a phony, like the man pictured on it?

The Return of G.I. Jerk

Phony Special Forces soldier Phil Haberman, the self-proclaimed war hero who was anything but, is still out there spinning his stories on MySpace and dating sites. And he's tangled with Greensickle, a blog whose motto is "cutting down the leftist onslaught on American patriotism, one coffee-shop-poet at a time"; it's taking credit for getting Haberman's MySpace site deleted.

Greensickle was created by a California mortgage broker named Eric, who says he served in the 82nd Airborne, and his longtime buddy David, a law school student in Austin. There's lots of military and anti-left musings, but Greensickle also outs military imposters on its "Stolen Valor" section. Scroll down and check out their exchanges with, in their words, "urinal cake and deranged sociopath" Haberman.

Kristen Rhoad, Haberman's ex-wife, is now in law school, but she's still so pissed off she created a blog called The Rhoad Warrior to keep up pressure on the Army to prosecute Haberman, who received his second "other than honorable" discharge after our story. It's highly unlikely that the military will press charges against Haberman, but Rhoad is nothing if not persistent. She points out that Haberman has posted on several dating Web sites under the names ScubaPhil and Oceanluvnguy and insists he is still conning other women who find him "pleasant and helpful" and has posted everything from copies of his military ID to photos of him with a woman who has come to Haberman's defense.

Haberman also now claims to have re-enlisted in the military--only this time in the Air Force.

"This story makes me really sad," posts an old friend under the name "Anonymous" on Greensickle. "I knew Philip as a kid and I can tell you he always had emotional and behavioral problems. He was on medication. I wish someone out there could get him the help he really needs." Those he has ripped off may wish him a different fate. --Glenna Whitley

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