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In July 2004, a friend of Joycelyn's called Hornbuckle to express concern that Joycelyn might be a lesbian. Hornbuckle reportedly told the friend to drop Joycelyn off at the Sonic near Mayfield Road and Highway 360 in Arlington. Come back at 10 p.m. to pick her up, he told the friend. At the Sonic, Joycelyn climbed into her bishop's car, and they started talking.

"Hornbuckle was very concerned about the possibility of [Joycelyn] being gay," court documents say. They drove to the bishop's house, where he told the girl to take half a pill and some water. Because Joycelyn "trusted Defendant Hornbuckle, as her Bishop," she did as she was told.

Then they drove to the run-down, one-story apartment building on Martha Street in Euless where, a couple of weeks later, Hornbuckle would rape Krystal Buchanan. On the way, Hornbuckle asked Joycelyn if the pill, which he'd told her was a muscle relaxer, had taken effect. Joycelyn said no, so Hornbuckle gave her the other half.

Once they arrived, Hornbuckle told Joycelyn his "homeboy" was thinking of buying the apartment property and had invested some money in it. Inside, Hornbuckle gave Joycelyn a drink--she initially thought it was water, but it tasted like "some sort of liquor." Hornbuckle asked Joycelyn to come into the bedroom to watch TV. After that point, court documents say, Joycelyn remembers only bits and pieces of what happened.

What she does remember: Hornbuckle being on top of her. Then, a flash recollection of being in the shower with Hornbuckle bathing her. She was too scared to say anything to her parents about what had happened, court records contend.

Days later, Joycelyn was baby-sitting at an uncle's house when Hornbuckle called her cell phone. What was she doing? he asked. Watching TV, she said, because the children were asleep. Not long after they talked, Hornbuckle knocked on the front door, and Joycelyn let him in. He was smoking a pipe. He grabbed her arm and took her to the master bedroom, then asked her to take a puff and remove her clothes. When Joycelyn refused, documents say, Hornbuckle "forcefully removed [her] clothing and sexually assaulted her."

For her troubles, he left a $100 bill on the bed.

The Blessing

Money brought about the meeting between Rosita and Terry Hornbuckle. It was July 27, 2003, almost exactly a year before the alleged rape of Joycelyn. Hornbuckle wanted to give Rosita what most people in the church referred to as a "blessing"--a cash or check gift. It wasn't unusual for Hornbuckle to do such a thing. In fact, he was known for it. Agape members believed in planting monetary "seeds" of faith: Give unto others, and it will be given unto you.

This time, Hornbuckle wanted to meet in the parking lot of a Quality Inn in Grand Prairie. When Rosita arrived, there were other people around, so she didn't think it would be a problem to get in Hornbuckle's truck when he asked. Court documents say Hornbuckle was drinking a bottle of wine; Rosita turned down the offer of a drink.

Then, court documents say, Hornbuckle "took his penis out of his pants and fondled himself," eventually taking Rosita's hand and substituting it for his own. She told Hornbuckle it was wrong; she needed to go home. Hornbuckle then "pulled her dress up and pulled her panties down," court documents say, as she tried to resist. But it was hot in the car, and Hornbuckle was too strong for Rosita.

She claims he ejaculated inside her. But she left without her "blessing."

The Virgin

Krystal Buchanan's stepfather--one of the bishop's trusted friends--got the gears in motion for her encounter with Terry Hornbuckle. Dale Sheppard gave the bishop Buchanan's cell phone number in July 2004. That was nothing unusual, Buchanan would testify; Sheppard was the bishop's friend, and the bishop called kids in his church all the time. Maybe Hornbuckle could give her a paying job to help support her college studies.

Buchanan had attended Agape since she was a teenager. Now, at 21, she was a college basketball player, a point guard for the University of Texas at Arlington. "I got the Word from him," she'd tell the court.

The bishop called Buchanan, who'd just turned 21, saying he needed to give his "baby girl"--as he often called her--a birthday present. Buchanan figured he might give her a "blessing or a seed"--perhaps a motivational CD or a cash gift. Buchanan testified that Hornbuckle got specific, telling her he'd "maybe write me a check with some 0's at the end."

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