The "Road" to Los Angeles

I was wrong yesterday when I cracked that the new HBO series 12 Miles of Bad Road, about the wimmins of Dallas, would be shot in Louisiana. Turns out it's gonna be made in Los Angeles, to which one might add a great big d'oh. "I think it's going to be like those old TV series, where they shoot in L.A. in the studio and shoot here on occasion," Janis Burkland, director of the Dallas Film Commission, tells Unfair Park this morning. "That's the way it's looking." She wasn't quoted in The Dallas Morning News' story, which followed earlier reports in The Hollywood Reporter, because Burkland says when Ed Bark mentioned the title of the show, it "didnt click"; HBO has had the commission scouting locations, but didn't give the locals the name of the show.

As for that other Dallas project not being shot in Dallas (at the moment, at least): Burkland says she spoke just yesterday with 20th Century Fox about shooting the big-screen Dallas here, and she expects more conversations some time today. "We're still trying to work it out," Burkland says. "They're waiting for Dallas to give them an incentive package, and I am still trying to cram that together."

But in the meantime, Burkland says she's tied up with yet another series that will film here, though she can't say anything about it just yet. There may be an annoucement today--"or next week, at the latest," she promises, adding it's a big enough deal the announcement may come with its own press conference. --Robert Wilonsky

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