The Road to Menudo is Paved with Tripe

The question: "Want to be part of the legacy that released 32 albums and sold over 20,000,000 records worldwide and sold out Radio City Music Hall for 13 consecutive nights?" The answer: Well, hell, yeah. Yeah, well, wait till you hear the rest: Tomorrow at Valley View Center, from 11 a.m. till 4 p.m., MTV Tr3́s is holding auditions for...Menudo. Actually, turns out it's for yet another one of those reality shows in which wanna-be pop stars vie for a shot at instant stardom via a TV show -- in this instance, an upcoming series titled Road to Menudo, which is also the name of one of your lesser Hope-Crosby team-ups.

Ah, but the best part of the press release: "The auditions are open to males who are at least 15 years old and appear to be less than 19 years old." Which means this is one thing for which Girl on Top won't be able to try out, though I am pretty sure using those criteria I qualify. You? Go here, pick a song, then go here tomorrow morning. And, hot damned, you're on the road to being famous. Or Ricky Martin, if that's really what you want. --Robert Wilonsky

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