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Lord knows we love our MP3 blogs; how else would we, ah, try before we buy? And we dig our local music providers most of all; the eight of you who were around the day Unfair Park popped its cherry might recall Chris Cantalini, the brains behind Gorilla vs. Bear, contributed a stellar piece out of the goodness of his rock-and-roll heart. And without Chris, we never would have discovered St. Vincent, or Polyphonic Spree'r Annie Clark, who, says on Chris' site today, has just been tapped to open for Sufjan Stevens on his European tour. That ain't no small thing.

Chris also pointed us to those masked music fans at We Shot J.R., who this week kindly made available a 19-song local-music comp that provides a wonderful peek at the state of things. It's got some of our familiar faves (Tree Wave, The Theater Fire, Prayer for Animals) and the less obvious; you're deaf if you don't dig Krispee Ones' remix of Prince's "Erotic City," which is also available for a quick listen right here.

Also on the disc, titled Projections, We Shot J.R. includes one of my latest addictions: Teenage Symphony, who sent to the office this week a 10-song disc of demos being given away at shows. In honor Rosh Hashanah, which begins tonight, I post below one of my favorite selections from their generous gift. Shana tova. --Robert Wilonsky

Bonus MP3:

Teenage Symphony, "Our Sad Prayer" (demo)

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