The Secret Machines are Hunky Dory

I am officially a dork. Saying that, I am refering to the fact that I have an legitimate membership to a rock star's fan club. Seriously, like, I pay dues. But I'm not ashamed. David Bowie is worthy of my devotion--and apparently, that of the Secret Machines (and vice versa).

I opened up my official BowieNet newsletter to find three ex-Dallasites staring at me from an article reproduced from the UK pub The Times, which bears the headline "He loves the young Americans." In the article--which quotes a Bowie-penned missive from his site that reads, "This may be my band for 2006. You read it here, Sunshine"--the Machines credit Bowie's Berlin era (which includes underrated gem and Eno partnership Low) with influencing their latest release Ten Silver Drops , and his music in general as an inspiration. The Times also picked up on the BowieNet podcast featuring the Thin White Duke interviewing his favorite trio of secret machinists, which is available at here, here or from iTunes).

Now, considering his past tour with The Polyphonic Spree, and now this PDA for and from some Big D children, I must ask: David, my love, why don't you play Dallas this next time around? We've got some other bands that desperately need inspiration. --Merritt Martin

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