The Seminar That's Too, um, Good to Be True?

So much would you pay to hear a speech by Emmitt Smith? Troy Aikman? Terry Bradshaw? How about Zig Ziglar? Colin Powell? Laura Bush? Dr. Robert Schuller? Steve Forbes? Rudy Giuliani?

$50? $100 $1,000?

Never been to hear/see a motivational speaker, but listening to any of those would be interesting. But how about all together?

That's what the Get Motivated Business Seminar claims anyway. That each of those speakers will be "live and in person" on October 19 at American Airlines Center.

Cost? Would you believe ...


I know, sounds too good to be true. According to this, you can take your whole office for $19. Order now - of course - and there's more!

Go to the seminar and get a chance to win a Disney vacation, a big screen TV or even $10,000 cash. Also, "everyone who attends" will receive Ziglar's DVD set, a $495 value.

I'm a natural cynic. A skeptic. And my b.s. detectors are blaring. Why is it $4.95 when you call 1-800-246-5179 but $225 at the door?

Anyone been to this? The Observer has been, right here and here.

Our stories say there isn't one, but sure seems like there's gotta be a catch. Like this is a scam, right? But apparently you don't have to take a tour of some lakefront property in Arkansas or sell the rights to your family DNA.

Maybe, in retrospect, it's one of the best deals I've ever seen?

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