The Sniper's Perch Will Have to Perch For Now

An old client of mine happened to know one of the friends of the Mayhew
She reffered them to me, said they'd be in town Sunday
 You get lots of calls but lo and behold they showed up at the house and it looked ot me like poor Mr M was all by homself out there iwthout any oars in the rowboat. And i said this isn't the first lost cause I've tsak

He's up against people with lots and lotd of mone, he needs help, he's 81 and deaf and blind, and he seems a bit befedduled and I hate to see someone taken  advantage              of.

Get up to speed; THree weeks is not a lot of times. There are two separate files, each three, four inches thick, and it'll take me all day otorrow to go through what I've got. And I need to see if the statute of limtation even applies

And my client claimed the window based on the 1997 article that Ms Zimmerman wrote. At that itme Byrd told her my client was a nut and this that and the other, so he had know

statute would normallyt be four years based on a written instrument, and they have the lien on thre property, but normall it'd be a two-year stature. Ands upposedly bac in the 1970s, supposedly Colonel Byrd filed a complaint about the
being removed just before the building returned to him


Parris Mayhew tells Unfair Park today that

Retail marketing at Hugo Boss, she asked around the office and got Paul's name as recommendation.

Go home: I will afford a smuc
I did everything  could ina brute-force way, not even familiar with the case an dgrabbing everthing with gunsblasing to make sure they didn't take it away from him today. As much as that was an affort, my job's done till the trial happens I will come down for the trial and asisst in anyw ay, shapte o r

Stedicam operator,

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.