Add one more to this Sorta photo: Chris Holt

The Sorta Six

From the Some Guy Joined And/Or Left A Band Today Department: The winners of 2006

Dallas Observer

Music Awards for Musician of the Year and Best Act in Town announced their long-rumored fusion today, as

Chris Holt

(the former winner) has now become the sixth member of


. As if the award-winning quintet didn't make enough of a racket, Holt will add piano parts and a third guitar to the band's alt-country proceedings (though we'll hold our breath for an eventual segue into three-guitar Peterbilt-lovin' overloads a la Drive-By Truckers). Not a surprising addition, as Holt has filled in with the band on a number of occasions and professed his Sorta love publicly in this year's DOMA issue. Though he's not part of the forthcoming record,

Strange and Sad but True

(now scheduled to hit stores on August 15), he will play that album's CD release show at the Granada Theater on August 25 and has already started chipping in on the band's next album...and he's still playing in about 400 other bands around town. Well, at the very least, Holt has confirmed that his main songwriting project's not going anywhere: "


is working on a new record currently, and we've got a handful of shows already booked for the fall."

--Sam Machkovech

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