The Stoneleigh's Secrets

It's been a while since we peeked in on the Stoneleigh Hotel blog, which has been keeping tabs on the historic hotel's $30-million makeover due to debut in a few weeks. But a Friend of Unfair Park suggested we mention the latest entry: a Q&A with project manager Anne Sasso of the Dallas-based architectural firm Forrest Perkins, responsible for the renovations. Most notable is this exchange between the blog's contributor "Dave W." and Sasso concerning one of the more interesting secrets uncovered during the redo:

D: When you all were up there working on the grand salon, did you stumble upon anything of interest? I’ve heard that Colonel Stewart, the tenant back in the 30’s, had several secret passageways.

A: I did get a chance to poke my head in to the Penthouse, and I came across several small doors that opened up to small rooms & hallways. As construction has continued, we are making a point to leave all of those old characteristics of the hotel in place.

The blog also features previews of the tower residences, sneak peeks at the newly renovated rooms and drawings of the penthouse. All that, and a new chef too. And how far, exactly, will $14 million get them at the Fairmont, where they plan to redo all 545 rooms and suites? --Robert Wilonsky

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