The "Terminal" Part Sounds Right, At Least

Yeah, we know -- it's all happening at Victory Park, or so everyone else in town's been telling us since it was deemed hip and happenin' to hang out in a large concrete alley twixt a surf shop (?), an ice cream joint, a steakhouse where a slab of meat costs a month's rent and WFAA's on-the-cheap studios. But here's how we know it's super-cool: Because at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Band on the Run Flickerstick's playing the Lifestyle Fashion Terminal, otherwise known as that 30,000 square feet of sprawl at which you can overpay for clothes designed by the likes of Cynthia Vincent, John Varvatos and Diane von Furstenburg.

Yup, capitalizing on that trend of mixing music with the selling of trendy togs outside the runway setting, the LFT has booked for this weekend a handful of bands, among them the pretty decent Eastern Conference Champions (before the band's gig at The Door) and Denton's no-wave Beauxregard on Friday and the 'Stick on Saturday. Ghostbar, you just got a run for your money. Us, we just dig a joint that houses under one billion-dollar roof a salon, a café, a bar -- and a child-care center, because we can't stand it when the li'l one bogarts our appletini. --Robert Wilonsky

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