The Top 10 All-Time Texas Rangers in the History of Ever

Very cool moment last night:

The greatest player in Texas Rangers history - now a Houston Astro - smacks a 5th-inning homer and receives a standing ovation. Stay classy, Arlington.

On a day when Toby Harrah and Ruben Sierra were elected into the Rangers' Hall of Fame, Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez reminded us that he is the best player to ever wear a Texas uniform.


During his short stint as the franchise's best thrower - I said thrower, not pitcher - Nolan Ryan may have been a smidge more popular. But Pudge, who began his 12-year career as a 19-year-old in 1991, won an MVP, played on three division champs and is a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

Pudge's solo shot off Kevin Millwood came in a 6-1 Rangers' win and his 2,226th career game at catcher, tying Carlton Fisk for baseball's record.

Though iconic voices Eric Nadel and Chuck Morgan might quarrel a tad, Pudge is firmly atop my list of the 10 greatest all-time Rangers.

10. John Wetteland.

9. Johnny Oates.

8. Charlie Hough.

7. Alex Rodriguez.

6. Ruben Sierra.

5. Buddy Bell.

4. Nolan Ryan.

3. Rafael Palmeiro.

2. Juan Gonzalez.

1. Ivan Rodriguez.

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