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The Top 10 Most Famous Hats in the History of Dallas

I can't believe you people. Yeah, you. The ones who actually spend a millisecond of your precious time on Earth worrying about how a certain Dallas Cowboys' quarterback wears his cap.

Not his helmet, mind you. His hat.

I'm all about big hat, no cattle and all, but I've actualy heard this sentiment on the street, in the bars and on 105.3 The Fan this week:

"Tony Romo started playing better once he started wearing his cap forward. It's a sign of maturity."

Now, Romo does admit that he's not going to cut his hair until the Cowboys lose. But the hat? C'mon. I've seen him wear it backward and forward on the sideline in the last month. And as his buddy Jason Witten told me and Newy Scruggs yesterday, "He hasn't made some philosophical transformation. It's just his own style."

Just to screw with the stuffy folk, I think Romo should wear it crooked, bill to the side Sunday at Lambeau Field. Or perhaps, in a hat tip to his Mexican heritage, break out a sombrero.

To me, when it comes to Dallas Cowboys football there's only hat that matters: Tom Landry's fedora. But right, wrong or admittedly superfluous, there's no doubt Romo's is one of the most analyzed and dissected headgears in the history of Dallas.

The others, of course, off the top of my head ...

10. Erykah Badu.

9. Big Tex.

8. Nolan Ryan.

7. Jim Leavelle.

6. Byron Nelson.

5. Al Lipscomb.

4. Tony Romo.

3. J.R. Ewing

2. Don Carter.

1. Tom Landry.

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