The Top 5 Mexican Athletes in the History of Dallas

Pretty sure I should call in Gustavo for a round of Ask a Mexican on this, but with it being Cinco de Mayo and all I thought I should crack open a Corona and at least give it a go.

I was going to - per my usual list - rank the Top 10 but that's extremely difficult considering the lack of decent Mexican athletes since it's May 5th I fittingly went with just the five.

My five greatest Mexican athletes in the history of Dallas:

5. Eduardo Najera - Mavs have never replaced his energy and tenacity.

4. Tony Romo - Antonio Ramiro Romo, a third-generation Mexican-American on his father's side, still waiting for post-season success.

3. Esteban Loaiza - Won 17 games with Rangers from '98-'00 and started a '99 playoff game vs. Yankees.

2. Rafael Septien - 9-year career as Cowboys' kicker included two Super Bowls and Pro Bowl season in '81

1. Lee Trevino - Honing his game at Tenison Park, "Merry Mex" won six golf Grand Slam tournaments

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